Walkabout iRoom 600 Smart Robot Vacuum Review: Quality Value Entrant With Mop Capabilities

By Jason Yang November 1, 2022 in Reviews

Walkabout iRoom 600 Smart Robot Vacuum

Multi-Surface Cleaning Effectiveness 9.0
Suction Power 9.0
Obstacle Detection 8.5
Noise Rating 9.0
Overall Value 9.5


  • Cleans thoroughly without missing a spot, even when pet hair is present.
  • Does well in multi-surface households.
  • Quiet operation will not disturb the household or pets.
  • Excellent value for the money.


  • Mop function is adequate, but could use improvement.
  • On the heavier side, should you need to lift or move the vacuum.
  • No self cleaning station means you will need to empty every 1-2 days based on dirt level.