Become an Expert in Using Your Broken Tech Gadgets

Quick Read

  • In the present global circumstances, repairing electronic devices may prove to be difficult.
  • This article offers several tips and strategies to maintain your hardware functioning until you can get professional repairs.
  • Suggestions encompass working without using a trackpad or mouse, performing tasks without a keyboard, operating with a damaged laptop or phone screen, and dealing with non-functional phone buttons.
  • The discussion covers keyboard shortcuts, on-screen keyboards, voice control, external monitors, integrated voice assistants, and features such as AssistiveTouch on iPhones.
  • The article also provides innovative fixes for malfunctioning speakers and other broken gadgets.

Make the Most of Your Damaged Technology

In these unpredictable times, repairing your devices may not be as straightforward as it once was. Nevertheless, if your keyboard stops working or your screen gets damaged, there are a number of tips and techniques you can employ to keep your hardware operational until you can have it professionally repaired.

Using a Computer Without a Trackpad or Mouse

Using keyboard instead of trackpad

If your laptop’s trackpad or mouse is malfunctioning, you can use the keyboard as an alternative. Both Windows and macOS offer numerous shortcuts. Additionally, if your keyboard includes a numeric keypad, it can serve as a mouse or trackpad.

Operating Without a Keyboard

Using voice control instead of keyboard

In case the keyboard or individual keys are malfunctioning, utilizing a software keyboard can serve as a temporary solution. While not perfect, it can help you manage. Additionally, voice control enables you to operate your computer reasonably efficiently.

Dealing with a Damaged Laptop Display

Using external monitor with a laptop

Should your laptop screen malfunction, you can redirect the display output to an external monitor. Additionally, MacBook users have the option to utilize a spare iPad as a secondary screen via the Sidecar feature integrated into macOS.

Dealing with a Damaged Phone Display

Using voice assistant on a phone

If sections of the phone screen are non-responsive or malfunctioning, integrated voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, or Bixby can be utilized to carry out different functions. Additionally, phone-computer integration utilities are accessible to enable phone operation via a connected laptop.

Dealing with Malfunctioning Phone Buttons

Using AssistiveTouch on iPhone

Phones with non-functional buttons can still be used through features such as AssistiveTouch on iPhones or the Accessibility Menu on Android devices.

Additional Advice for Faulty Devices

Using Bluetooth speaker with a smartphone

For different gadget issues, inventive fixes can be applied. If the speakers are malfunctioning, consider using headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Defective smart speakers can also be linked to other speakers through Bluetooth.


During periods when professional technology repair services might not be accessible, employing different tricks and hacks can maintain the functionality of your electronic devices. This article offers valuable advice on operating without a trackpad or mouse, functioning without a keyboard, handling a damaged laptop or phone screen, and coping with broken phone buttons. It also provides innovative solutions for other gadget problems. Therefore, before discarding your malfunctioning tech, consider these methods to prolong its usability.

Q&A Session

Q: What steps can I take if my trackpad or mouse is malfunctioning?
Keyboard shortcuts enable you to move around your computer easily. If your keyboard includes a numeric keypad, it can also function as a mouse or trackpad.

Q: What methods can I use to operate my computer if I don’t have a keyboard?
You can utilize a virtual keyboard or voice command functionalities. These features are integrated into both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Q: What should I do if my laptop screen is damaged?
A: You can direct the display output to an external monitor. MacBook users additionally have the option to use an extra iPad as a secondary screen.

Q: What can I do to use my phone if the screen is damaged?
A: If there are non-functional or unresponsive areas on the display, you can use built-in voice assistants to complete tasks. Integration tools between phones and computers can also aid in controlling the phone from a laptop.

Q: What should I do if the buttons on my phone are not functioning?
A: Functions such as AssistiveTouch on iPhones or the Accessibility Menu on Android devices can assist in operating phones with damaged buttons.

Q: Do you have any advice for addressing other gadget problems?
If speakers are faulty, you can use headphones or Bluetooth speakers instead. Faulty smart speakers can be connected to other speakers using Bluetooth.