DC Fandome Announces Milestone Heroes Animated Film


The animated film featuring Milestone Heroes was revealed at DC Fandome.

Animated Movie Featuring Milestone Heroes Unveiled at DC Fandome

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  • DC Comics reveals a new animated film featuring Milestone Heroes.
  • The feature film will showcase several heroes from the Dakotaverse.
  • The Milestone Initiative Development Program was launched to attract new talent.
  • A live-action Static Shock movie is currently being developed.

DC Fandome Announces Milestone Heroes Animated Film

A new animated feature film from Milestone Comics is currently in development.
Image: DC Comics

Revitalizing Milestone Comics

After years stuck in publishing limbo, the heroes of Milestone Comics finally made their triumphant return in 2021, as part of DC Comics’ new initiative to revitalize the Milestone brand and introduce classic characters like Static, Icon, and Rocket to a new, modern audience. At a time when DC has been focusing on showcasing a more diverse range of stories featuring marginalized characters, it’s logical that they would invest efforts into Milestone in comic form. However, at this year’s DC Fandome, the publisher emphasized that their plans are not limited to just books.

Announcement of Panel at DC Fandome

During a discussion about Milestone’s future, led by Arrow’s Echo Kellum, Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and producer Reggie Hudlin revealed that Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment are developing a new animated feature film. The screenplay, penned by Hardware Season One writer Brandon Thomas, will feature a range of heroes from the Dakotaverse. Although Cowan didn’t provide details, he mentioned that the project is something that “Milestone fans have been dreaming about for a long time.”

New Static Shock Film

Following the announcement of Warner Bros. approving a new live-action Static Shock film, produced in collaboration with Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society production company, comes the news of a new animated feature. It’s highly probable that Static will also feature in this new film. This upcoming Milestone movie marks the first animated project centered on Milestone characters since the 2000 Static Shock animated series. DC appears eager to generate a renewed surge of excitement around its Milestone properties soon.

Milestone Initiative Growth Plan

Alongside the upcoming release of a new Blood Syndicate series expected next year, DC is collaborating with Ally Bank to introduce the Milestone Initiative Development Program. This new talent recruitment effort falls under the Next Generation DC umbrella. In a public announcement, Daniel Cherry III, DC’s senior vice president and general manager, portrayed the program as the perfect launch for Next Generation DC and an important step in DC’s mission to diversify its current pool of talent.

“Cherry stated, ‘Our recent Milestone titles have achieved significant critical acclaim and sales success, broadening our loyal fanbase and attracting new readers to the ‘Dakotaverse’ and its heroes. Milestone holds a special place in the comic book heritage of many Black and diverse artists and writers, and we are grateful to collaborate with Ally to amplify these new voices while continuing to build on Milestone’s legacy.'”


The reveal of a new animated Milestone Heroes film at DC Fandome brings thrilling news for Dakotaverse enthusiasts. This endeavor is a component of a larger strategy by DC Comics to rejuvenate the Milestone label and present diverse characters to contemporary viewers. In conjunction with this, DC is initiating the Milestone Initiative Development Program to attract and nurture diverse talent within the industry.


What is the new animated movie about?

The upcoming animated feature film will showcase several heroes from the Dakotaverse, although the specifics of the plot remain undisclosed.

Who is participating in the production of the new animated movie?

Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment are collaborating on the development of the film, with the script being penned by

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