Increase Productivity with this DIY, Distraction-Free Writing Tool

FeatherQuill: The Premier DIY, Focused Writing Instrument

In an era dominated by digital distractions, discovering a writing instrument that provides a seamless experience is quite challenging. However, one writer and hardware hacker might have discovered the answer with FeatherQuill, a self-made writing gadget.

Quick Read

  • FeatherQuill is a do-it-yourself writing instrument developed by author and hardware enthusiast Cameron Coward.
  • The apparatus consists of a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, a touchscreen LCD, and a keyboard.
  • FeatherQuill is capable of operating continuously for 36 hours on rechargeable batteries.
  • The setup utilizes a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a 5-inch touchscreen LCD.
  • FeatherQuill utilizes WordGrinder for word processing and operates on DietPi as its operating system.
  • The tool is perfect for writers seeking a writing environment free of distractions.

What is FeatherQuill?

FeatherQuill is a creative venture by Cameron Coward, known for his expertise in writing and hardware hacking, particularly in 3D printing. Coward developed FeatherQuill to provide a pleasant typing experience, whether he was working at his desk or on the go. The device includes a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, an LCD touchscreen, and a keyboard. Additionally, Coward integrated rechargeable batteries that allow the device to operate for up to 36 hours continuously.

The Elements of FeatherQuill

The setup incorporates a Raspberry Pi Zero W, which is a highly compact variant of the Raspberry Pi, paired with a 5-inch touchscreen LCD. Coward also integrated a smaller mechanical keyboard and crafted a 3D printed case to enclose the components. The outcome is a basic yet operational gadget, perfect for writers who excel in a minimalist writing setting.

The Software

Coward employs WordGrinder, a word processing application recognized for its minimalistic writing interface, for his software needs. The FeatherQuill operates on DietPi, a lightweight and efficient variant of Linux, which offers a quicker boot time compared to Raspbian, the default OS for Raspberry Pi. As per Coward, it takes approximately 20 seconds to boot up from power on to launching WordGrinder.


FeatherQuill is a do-it-yourself, distraction-free writing tool that offers writers a straightforward and effective writing environment. By integrating both hardware and software elements, it delivers a writing tool that starts up rapidly and provides long-lasting usability. Although there are comparable products on the market, FeatherQuill’s DIY aspect encourages users to get involved in crafting their tools, enhancing personalization and enjoyment in the writing process.


Who is the creator of the FeatherQuill?

The FeatherQuill was developed by Cameron Coward, who is a writer as well as a hardware hacker.

What materials are used to make the FeatherQuill?

“The FeatherQuill is made up of a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, a touchscreen LCD, and a keyboard.”

How long can the FeatherQuill operate without interruption?

FeatherQuill is capable of operating non-stop for 36 hours due to its rechargeable batteries.

Q: Which software is utilized by FeatherQuill?

FeatherQuill utilizes WordGrinder for word processing and operates on DietPi.

Is it possible for you to buy a FeatherQuill?

A: At present, FeatherQuill is a do-it-yourself endeavor, which means you need to put it together on your own. There aren’t any ready-made versions for sale.