Jabra Elite 85t Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz 7 days ago in Earbuds, Reviews, True Wireless Earbuds

With the wireless earbuds market constantly expanding, it’s no surprise that brands are racing to release or integrate new updates to their existing entries. One of the brands that followed suit is Jabra who announced the Elite 85t which was meant to be an upgrade of the 75t. Following that, we will be reviewing the 85t today and seeing just exactly what it’s made of.

The biggest feature that the 85t boasts of is its active noise cancellation technology which aims to put it on par with the likes of the Airpods Pro and the Sony WF-1000XM3. Something interesting to note about this is that active noise cancellation will also be available for the 75t through a software update in the Jabra Sound+ app. With that being said, it’s definitely something to look more in depth at and something to maybe consider before going ahead and getting these wireless earbuds.

Moving on to the actual review, we’ll start off with the good things we found about this pair. Here are the Pros that we found for the Jabra Elite 85t.


Custom Active Noise Cancellation. Through Jabra’s Sound+ app, they’ve made it possible to customize active noise cancellation and transparency levels. This means that you have the ability to adjust between full noise cancellation, full transparency, and HearThrough mode – which allows you to let in your surroundings while listening to music or while on calls. This is thanks to the unit’s own noise-cancelling chip which means that it has its own processing power.

Improved Microphone Quality. With this new model, Jabra introduces a new six microphone array. These mics offer wind protection from calls and are what allow the developed active noise cancellation technology to block out distractions. In a time where business being conducted online is rampant, this is a really good feature to have especially if you’re someone always on the go.

Wireless Charging. The 85t offers Qi wireless charging which means that they’re compatible with all Qi-certified chargers. If you own a Qi charging mat, all you would have to do is place the pair on top and it should start charging. This is especially useful for those who already utilize wireless charging for their phone as you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a cable just for your wireless earbuds.

Now with those sweet upgrades though come not-so-sweet things we’ve found about this pair. As we want to look at it as objectively as possible, here are the Cons that we found for the 85t.


Larger Size. With the added features, the 85t is bigger than its predecessor which makes it stick out of the ears more. As a result, it’s quite awkward for working out at the gym or running which is a shame since the added features would’ve contributed a lot to the enjoyment of your activities. This is definitely something that people with active lifestyles should keep in mind.

Falls Flat. As so many things are going on with this pair, there seems to be too much tech packed in such a small form factor which is a bit concerning. If that is the case, it won’t really excel at anything which would make your purchase a bit of a letdown. Even if it does have promising features, its ability to deliver is still far more important. As of now, it doesn’t seem to prove itself to be able to execute it.

Too Expensive. At a price point of approximately $230, it’s definitely too expensive of a pair considering what you get in comparison with its predecessor. It seems like the active noise cancellation technology that Jabra added was just something to justify its too steep retail price over the 75t. Along with that, some upgrades added have just landed in the Cons part of our review which we think is quite a shame given the amount of money they go for in the market.

With all that being said, the Jabra Elite 85t seems to be a promising daily option with its custom active noise cancellation, improved microphone quality, and wireless charging option. We can see that Jabra has definitely made some upgrades from previous models and can see why a lot of people would be deeply impressed by this pair. It’s good for on the go and will be especially convenient for those with phones with wireless charging.

But with those good features come some Cons that you should definitely keep in mind before taking the plunge. It has a larger size making it stick out, has a lot of potential to fall flat, and doesn’t have good value for money overall which some might find detrimental to their lifestyle.

Ultimately, while the 85t is definitely not the worst in the market, you should be discerning with some non-negotiables you might have before dropping such a big amount on this pair. With loads of wireless earbuds already out there, it’s worth looking in other directions before considering this one. But with whatever you decide, we hope to have helped you make your decision a little bit easier and we wish you luck with your earbud hunting journey. Let us know what you think!