Jaybird Vista Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz September 30, 2020 in Earbuds, Reviews, True Wireless Earbuds

Jaybird Vista



  • Lightweight. Even the case is compact, utilizing diagonally-slanted charging stations.
  • Customizable. Comes with numerous silicon ear tips for the best fit and support.
  • IPX7-Rated. Waterproof and sweatproof, perfect for hours of working out and inclement weather.
  • Great Pairing Ability. Seamless connection (and reconnection) using Bluetooth 5.0 firmware.


  • Subpar Battery Life. Only capable of 5 hours of playtime with little juice in the charging case.
  • No Noise Cancellation. Does not offer any kind of noise cancellation which is already common in modern earbuds nowadays.
  • Bass is Lacking. Sounds great with certain genres but bass is not good enough considering it's a pair designed for athletes.
  • Could Have Better Value for Money. If the price was lower, Cons would be justified better.

With this Jaybird pair, we’re delving into the true wireless earbuds category once again with this particular one being advertised for budding athletes or for those who have a penchant for working out. As we are in the age of Bluetooth devices, it’s no surprise that earbuds like these have emerged with convenience and portability at the forefront.

Jaybird is no stranger to Bluetooth earbuds which is why it’s no surprise that the Vista is packed with a lot of commendable features. For one, it’s IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof meaning it can endure the most strenuous workouts and the most inclement weather (though we still wouldn’t recommend this for swimming). It also has EQ customization options, Spotify syncing options, and a Find My Buds feature using their app which is as modern as it gets. Jaybird highlighted these features in a recent high dollar ad campaign involving influencers moving to tax-free Puerto Rico and enjoying outdoor activities.

With all that being said, we’re definitely excited to take a look at this pair to see if what it says on paper is reality. Laying out the Pros first, here are the good things we found about the Jaybird Vista.


Compact. As they are meant for those with active lifestyles, it is no surprise that the Vista is compact. What makes it so great though is that the charging case is amazingly small as well utilizing diagonally-slanted charging stations. This reflects Jaybird’s intentions of a pair for those always on-the-go as you can easily slip this model in a zip pocket or clip it around your waistband with its mini woven lanyard.

Functional Design. With its sleek design featuring ear wings and customizable silicon ear tips, its support is tremendous. It definitely won’t fall out no matter what especially as it’s IPX7-rated. This means that it offers abundant protection from dust, sweat, and water which is very important for a pair designed to go on runs, hikes, and different types of rigorous activities.

Great Pairing Ability. As everything practically has an instant version in the modern world, it’s important for your wireless earbuds to connect (and re-connect) seamlessly to your device. Jaybird’s Vista is able to do that with Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and a very simple connection process at first use; then the next time you need to use them, simply open the case and remove the earbuds and they should already be paired to your device.

But aside from looking at the good points of this pair, we wanted to look at the not-so-good things about it too. There’s always room for improvement and in saying that, here are the Cons we found for the Jaybird Vista.


Subpar Battery Life. The battery life can still be tremendously improved for this pair with it only being capable of 5 hours of use or 5 hours of playtime. Additionally, the charging case is only able to provide a little bit of juice which is a bit of a pain since you would want these to last you a long time especially on extra long days away from home or the hotel. We noted recent complaints in our best Bluetooth speaker roundup.

No Noise Cancellation. To keep the pair’s compact dimensions, Jaybird had to sacrifice some things – one of which is noise cancellation. They don’t offer any type of ambient sound features which is a pretty standard thing to have now in the modern earbuds of today. If that’s a dealbreaker for you, definitely keep this Con in mind.

Sound Quality can Still be Improved. While the Vista does not sound awful, there’s still some room for improvement particularly with its bass. With one typically listening to upbeat tracks at the gym, this is a bit weird for earbuds marketed for fitness enthusiasts to have a problem in.

With all the Pros and Cons listed above, you get the whole package for roughly $150. This is slightly on the more expensive side as it doesn’t have noise cancellation features nor a great battery life. Its sound quality can also be improved to be able to play louder genres like hip hop, EDM, or even pop that would be perfect for the gym or on runs. But in our opinion, if it was priced a bit lower, it would merit a better reputation and would justify the Cons a little bit more.

Nevertheless, we think that it’s a pretty solid pair. Its functional design and portability is very appealing which is why we understand why it’s such a strong contender in the wireless earbud market. Ultimately, as long as you keep the Cons we mentioned in mind for any dealbreakers you might have, you won’t be disappointed with this one. That being said, this wraps up our review of the Jaybird Vista and we hope to have helped you with your decision before taking the plunge. We wish you the best in your earbud hunting journey and would love for you to let us know what you think.