Raycon The Performer E55 Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz September 7, 2020 in Earbuds

Raycon The Performer E55



  • Customizable Fit. Comes with five different ear tip sizes for the most comfortable fit.
  • Functional Design. Arc-shaped design gives a sleek look without compromising comfort.
  • Wireless Charging. Compatible with wireless charging through a Qi-charging mat for convenient charging.


  • Dated Features. Even with its upgrade, it still doesn't offer modern features other earbuds have.
  • Weak Connectivity. Connection tends to cut off when your phone isn't by your side.
  • Mediocre Sound Quality. Inconsistent bass which can get annoying especially when listening to different genres.
  • Expensive. With the features that you get, the price is too steep as it can still be improved.

With many companies releasing their own version (or versions) of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, it’s definitely getting tricky maneuvering the market for the best pair. Today, we are going to be looking at one of the various releases of Raycon Global: the Raycon Performer E55.

The Raycon Performer E55 is the upgraded version of Raycon Global’s E25 and E50 Truly Wireless. It sets the bar high, claiming to have an impressive 36 hours of battery life, wireless charging, and comfortable fit with its arc-shaped design. With all these features, it’s a great travel-friendly pair that you can use during different activities such as long flights, workouts, and relaxing after a long day. This comes at a steep price of around $120 though which is definitely on the expensive side. Is it really good enough to warrant such an expensive price? Find out with us.

Looking through Raycon’s website, you’ll most probably see big smiles from big names in the music industry sporting the brand aside from their thousands of happy customers. This must be a sign that their products are of really good quality, right? But if we may play as the Devil’s advocate, we can’t help but wonder if it’s all just for the hype. Well, we will see as we start off with what exactly makes the Raycon Performer E55 so appealing. 


Customizable Fit. Aside from great packaging, the E55 comes with a total of five silicon ear tip sizes which means that you can swap them out for maximum comfort. This makes them small ear friendly as well which is great for those who can never seem to find the perfect pair of earbuds that never fall out. They also have an arc-shaped design which contributes to the comfortable fit and sleek look that a lot of people like. You definitely don’t have to pick between style and comfort for this one. 

Wireless Charging. The E55 is fully compatible with wireless charging through a Qi-charging mat (not included upon purchase). This makes it very convenient to charge especially if your smartphone uses wireless charging as well. If you don’t have a wireless charger though, it’s perfectly fine as the E55 also charges via a USB Type-C plug. With these charging options, it proves to be adaptable and easy to bring around without having to worry about losing any juice.

After seeing its great fit and glamorous design, we probed further and looked at its technicalities. This time, we found some not-so-good things about them. Here are the Cons that we found.


Dated Features. As numerous tech companies release their own versions of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, competition is stiff as most of them offer new and exciting features. Unfortunately for the Raycon E55, we found that it isn’t up to par with the others in terms of modernity. It doesn’t offer noise cancellation and does not have an app to control preferences for music or tap functions. There are also issues with connectivity which is a hassle especially if you’re the type to move around without your phone glued to your side the whole time.

Mediocre Sound Quality. While the Raycon E55 sounds just fine, they are still lacking in terms of sound quality. There are times wherein the bass is too little or too much which can get annoying especially if it isn’t able to do justice to your favorite song. To resolve this, an app for EQ customization would be needed which the Raycon E55 doesn’t have. 

Expensive. The Raycon E55 costs $120 which is pretty steep considering that it doesn’t offer the modern features other earbuds do. Even if it does have its own charm, it’s still not enough to overweight the Cons and justify the price. A look around other earbuds being offered at the same price level would suggest that it is simply too expensive for what you get. In addition Raycon may not be available in all markets, for example Raycon Australia does not stock the same models as other countries.

Overall, Raycon Global showed a pretty good attempt in upgrading their earbuds after launching the E25 and E50. The wireless charging feature is pretty impressive especially for those who already use wireless charging for their smartphone or their other gadgets. This would make it very handy and convenient when travelling. The fit of this pair was also improved with a cool arc-shaped design that feels and looks good on the ear. It’s something that you definitely wouldn’t mind wearing for hours on end during an 8-hour workday or flight.

Despite these improvements though, we still found some shortcomings that don’t make this pair the best in the market. Even though it’s an updated version of past products, it still lacks some high-end features that other brands offer such as active noise cancellation and EQ customization that makes the sound quality pretty poor. This means that even if it is comfortable to wear for a long period of time, it probably won’t be able to satisfy you with its quality making your favorite songs sound flat and not as enjoyable. All this comes at a high price point of $120 which is definitely no joke. For that price, you would expect top-notch quality and features which the Raycon Performer E55 just lacks. Unfortunately, for our verdict, it does not have enough to warrant a $120 price point and we think that you can definitely find a more modern (and even cheaper) alternative.