Walkabout Watch 2 Review: A Fully Featured Health Monitoring Smartwatch With App

By Jason Yang October 31, 2022 in Active Lifestyle, Reviews, Smartwatches

Walkabout Watch 2

Comfort 9.0
Health Monitoring Functions 9.0
Durability 8.5
Value 9.5


  • Complete health monitoring solution and app-based tracking.
  • Days of battery life handily beats competitors like Apple at a fraction of the price.
  • Waterproof and ready to go anywhere.
  • Comfortable design using high quality materials.


  • Touch screen responsiveness slightly slower than top brands.
  • Athletic watch band is sold separately yet essential for runners.
  • Cannot make calls directly from the watch.

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Summary: The Walkabout Watch 2 is a reliable, quality smartwatch focused on fitness and activity tracking at a bargain price compared to similar specs from major brands. Thanks to a focus on health, the product does more than most, and will give you a much better sense of your total health profile.

The Walkabout Watch 2 is the latest device from the Australian brand focused on fitness tracking, though it does perform other functions admirably as well. The device clearly resembles a Apple Watch in form and function, but has several key differences you should be aware of before buying.

Monitoring your health and activity has never been more important. The Walkabout Watch 2 presents itself first and foremost as a health and fitness monitor. And thanks to a 5 sensors and a 3 day battery life, you seldom need worry about keeping track of daily life.

walkabout watch 2 review
The Walkabout Watch 2 features settings for nearly every physical activity you can think of.

The waterproof smartwatch includes a variety of features, including the VeryFit app, which tracks data for analysis in its cloud platform. You can log in via desktop or using the app itself, which makes tracking and sharing data with loved ones and physicians simple.

Opening and turning the product on is simple, and if you have used an Apple Watch before you will immediately recognize the responsive touch screen and dial analog controller.

Walkabout’s four medical-grade health sensors and additional motion sensor enable comprehensive monitoring 24/7. Sleep tracking, mood, and exercise data is collected and analyzed. Activities can be selected to give Walkabout better contextual data. Even activities such as yoga and cycling are accounted for.

All the usual customizations are present, including home screen layout, wallpaper image, and idle screen.

The Walkabout Watch 2 is a worthy successor to the original, adding new health monitoring features and extending battery life without increasing cost.

Walkabout Watch 2 Review
The Walkabout Watch 2 features multiple color and wrist band options.

The Walkabout Watch 2 is one of the best smartwatch values if your primary focus is on health monitoring. Buying an athletic watch band separately is a small annoyance, but the overall price to features ratio make up for it.