Klipsch T5 Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz September 26, 2020 in Earbuds, Reviews, True Wireless Earbuds

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones



  • Great Design. Both earbuds and charging case are made with premium materials. Its build also makes passive noise isolation possible.
  • IPX4-Rated. Offers protection from sweat, moisture, and drizzle.
  • Good Battery Life. Capable of 8 hours of playtime with 24 hours in the case.


  • Pairing Struggles. Hard to switch from using two earbuds to just one. Not a viable option for calls.
  • Software Problems. Connectivity issues, inconsistent mic quality, and lack of bass is a constant issue.
  • Poor Value for Money. Price is too steep considering the Cons of this pair. Better - and maybe cheaper - options from other brands exist.

In the world of wireless earbuds, it’s definitely getting overwhelming picking the perfect pair with all these brands coming out with their own version with all their own twists and turns. Ultimately, we aim to make that decision easier for you by reviewing Klipsch’s entry to the wireless earbuds scene: the Klipsch T5.

Klipsch is not a new name in the audio industry, having produced different audio products from speakers that can go on your home theatre to portable ones you can bring around with you. That being said, it was only a matter of time for them to enter the wireless earbuds scene. Their entry, the T5, features a patented oval ear tips design that aims to give a perfect seal to the wearer. It can be rotated a full 360° for improved fit and comfort depending on the user’s preferences. It’s also sweat and water resistant as most pairs are nowadays which is great for those always on-the-go or those with active lifestyles.

Having mentioned that, we’re going to see if what they claim is actually true. Starting off with the Pros, here are the good things we found about the Klipsch T5.


Great Design. The Klipsch T5 has a great look and feel on hand with its aluminum case that almost resembles a premium lighter. The earbuds themselves also have a high-end look with a trendy rose-gold engraving against the all-black body of the pair. As for its functionality, the long sound tube of this model makes it possible to insert deeply in the ear which gives you passive noise isolation.

IPX4-Rated. This model is IPX4-rated which means that it’s splash proof. It offers protection from sweat, moisture, and some drizzle which is great as you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it dying or breaking down so easily in intense workouts or inclement weather.

Good Battery Life. This pair offers 8 hours of playtime with 24 hours on the charging case which is pretty standard on the market of premium wireless earbuds. With this feature, this pair is great for travelling as it can hold up well during long haul flights and a day of sightseeing away from your hotel room.

With these good features though come some issues that the Klipsch T5 has. Although it’s proving to be a viable daily carry option, we found some things that take away from it being the perfect pair. That being said, here are the Cons that we found.


Pairing Problems. It’s definitely annoying having to struggle to pair your wireless earbuds to your devices and unfortunately, this is the case for the T5. Pairing isn’t seamless with this one as it has the option to pair a “master” earbud (either the left or right) and if you want to switch from using two earbuds to one, you would have to guess whether it’s the left or right that is paired. If you guess wrong, it stops your music and you would have to configure the pairing again in your settings. While this does not seem too bad, it’s definitely annoying and can be an issue during phone calls.

Poor Performance. With software problems and inadequate sound quality, the T5 has pretty poor performance overall which is a bummer since it does have the build and features of a great pair. Specifically speaking, its connectivity cuts off (a lot), its mic performance is inconsistent – half the time it’s good enough but mostly, you’d be better off using your smartphone’s mic instead – and its sound quality could be better especially its bass as it’s pretty underwhelming. Overall, it’s in need of a lot of polishing for the software’s quality to match the hardware’s standard.

Could Have Better Value for Money. Originally costing $199.00 on Amazon, it’s definitely on the expensive side considering the performance that you get. There are earbuds at the same price range – or even cheaper – with more features and better software performance that puts the Klipsch T5 at a disadvantage. With the Cons we’ve outlined above, we just don’t think that you’d be getting your money’s worth with this one.

All in all, while the Klipsch T5 has solid hardware that makes it a seemingly very durable pair for those always on-the-go, the software issues are a letdown. In the wireless earbuds market, so many companies put a premium on the performance of their own versions and Klipsch – being a very reputable name – should be expected to uphold the standard. Unfortunately for this pair, there’s just too much room for improvement and still many to be desired.

With that though, if you’re still set to get this pair, you would have great hardware and great design to look forward to with both its charging case and the model itself being made from premium materials which shows through in their IPX4-rating and long battery life. Overall, we hope to have helped you with your decision and with your earbud hunting journey.