Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Review

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Review

Cambridge Audio is a solid UK brand known for good quality products in the audio market. They have produced everything from speakers to vinyl players which is why it was only about time for them to release their own pair of wireless earbuds. With the hype that the Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Buds got, we’re not surprised that other brands like Cambridge Audio followed suit. That is why today, we will be reviewing their Melomania 1 to see how it holds up and if it’s ultimately worth your money.

The Melomania 1 is a lightweight sweat and water resistant pair with an advertised 9 hours of playtime. If this holds up in reality, this would mean that it’s perfect for those always on-the-go and those with active lifestyles. That being said, we’re going into this review excited and hopeful for this pair’s capabilities. Don’t worry though as we still want to be objective so we’ll definitely tell you how it really is.

Starting off with the good, here are the Pros that we found for the Melomania 1.


Compact Charging Case. With the charging case housing your earbuds when they’re not in use, they’re a very important factor in the portability of your pair. Fortunately, the Melomania 1’s case is sleek and slim which means that it can fit in your pocket or even in the waistband of your running shorts. This makes it a great pair to bring around and travel with as it’s very easy to store.

Lightweight. Aside from the compact case, the earbuds themselves are very light – weighing only 4.6 grams each. This makes them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time which makes them a good option for long haul flights or international travel. Upon purchase, they also come with three silicon tips options and a pair of Comply foam ear tips which ensures that you can maximize comfort on this one.

Good Sound Quality. Being from a brand known for their high-end audio products, it’s no surprise that the Melomania 1 has good sound quality. Music translates clearly with the bass, rifts, and vocals all sounding great and precise. This pair definitely lives up to the brand’s reputation and will definitely bring justice to your favorite songs.

Now as much good things there is to say about the Melomania 1, we still found some areas for improvement. As expected, with all good things come not-so-good ones so here are the Cons that we found for this model.


Falls Out Easily. With the buds’ form factor and the fact that it’s so lightweight, it falls out easily which is a pain since this makes them easy to lose. With their design, they jut out a bit off the ears and don’t have stabilizing stems which is pretty worrisome for those who plan to use this while running or working out.

Bad Microphone Quality. Although its sound quality is good, the Melomania 1’s microphone quality is bad. Voice translates unnatural, muffled, or distorted which is a bummer since this means that this pair won’t be good for phone calls or online business meetings. You would be better off using your smartphone’s mic when taking calls which is pretty disappointing on the earbuds’ part.

No App for Customization. Even though most modern wireless earbuds now have an app or options for EQ customization and similar features, the Melomania 1 does not. This could be their way of keeping it simple but that does mean that you’re getting less features compared to other brands of earbuds.

With all that being said, the Melomania 1 is a solid pair of wireless earbuds from a very reputable audio brand. It’s lightweight with good sound quality which is great since it’s very easy to transport. It would also hold up well during long flights since you’re bound to get maximum comfort with both its silicon and foam ear tip options.

However, some things to consider are its tendency to fall out easily as well as its bad microphone quality. This wouldn’t be a pair that you’d be confident wearing out while working out or a pair that you would utilize on-the-go for calls, be it personal or business. More so at times wherein online meetings are becoming more prevalent, you should definitely keep that in mind if that’s one of the things you plan to use this model for should you decide to buy it.

All things considered, the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 is a great daily option depending on what you intend to use it for. In our opinion, it’s best for listening to music or watching videos all day in the office or in flights or commutes. If you’re looking for something that will hold up well in rigorous activities or in long calls though, you’re probably better off with another pair.

Now, that concludes our review of the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1. We hope to have shed some light on this particular pair and we’d be happy to hear your thoughts about it.