Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz September 22, 2020 in Earbuds, Reviews, True Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds+



  • Long Battery Life. Able to meet and surpass promised 11 hours of playtime.
  • Good Sound Quality. Bass translates well especially with good isolation.
  • Great Microphone Quality. Two outer mics and one inner mic captures voice clearly and reduces external noise.


  • Hard-to-use Controls. Touch sensitive controls which can be annoying if activated by mistake.
  • Android Biased. Not as hassle-free when using with Apple devices. Some features like Spotify integration are also only available on Android phones.
  • Easily Fall Out. Weak grip makes them an inconvenience for working out.
  • Very Expensive. Too high of a price point for the features that you get. Similar wireless earbuds from other brands have better value for money.

In the wireless earbuds era, it is definitely getting tricky picking out the perfect pair with different brands coming out with different versions. This is why today, we aim to help you with your decision by reviewing one of the big name’s entry to the wireless earbuds market: the Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

Being one of Apple’s biggest competitors, it’s no surprise that Samsung has released their own versions of wireless earbuds to combat the Airpods and the Airpods Pro. In this review, we will be looking at the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ which is an upgrade of the original Galaxy Buds. As most upgrades were done “under the hood”, this pair boasts of a 3-mic system for crystal clear calls and long-lasting battery power that’s supposedly perfect for international travellers.

As Samsung is recognized practically worldwide, we definitely have high expectations for this one. Despite that though, we want to look at this model as objectively as possible so join us as we see if expectations will meet reality. Starting off with the Pros, here are the good things we found about the Galaxy Buds+.


Long Battery Life. The Galaxy Buds+ are capable of more or less 12 hours of playtime (surpassing the promised 11 hours) which is very impressive battery life. It also supports quick charging which means that just three minutes of charging the buds in their case will give you an hour of playtime. This is perfect for long flights especially international travels and those with layovers. 

Good Sound Quality. Fortunately, the sound quality of these earbuds are great especially when listening to popular genres like hip hop and pop as the bass translates well. Its isolation is also great with Samsung providing additional ear tips and wings to get the best seal possible which is important to the listening experience.

Great Microphone Quality. With two outer mics and one inner mic, the Galaxy Buds+’s microphone is able to capture your voice clearly which makes it a great pair for those who take a lot of conference calls or online meetings. Similar to the Airpods Pro, the external microphones are able to focus on your voice while reducing external noise which is a godsend especially for those always on-the-go.

Now in saying that, to be 100% objective, we also looked at the bad – or rather needs for improvement aspects of this pair. The Cons we found are listed below. 


Hard-to-use Controls. As with the other pairs from Samsung, the Galaxy Buds+ utilize tap function. That means that you would be controlling music, taking calls, and even accessing voice assistants like Siri via the touch-sensitive outer portion of the earbuds. With them being touch-sensitive, you would have to be careful when brushing up against them. Aside from that, some features are only accessible for Android users such as enabling Spotify integration that allows the app to play songs for you without having to manually configure it yourself. Another thing to keep in mind for Apple users is that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus app available on the App Store will not support the original Galaxy Buds (which is pretty weird). 

Falls Out Easily. Having wireless earbuds fall out is definitely very annoying and such a hassle which unfortunately, is the case with the Galaxy Buds+. This makes them inadequate for working out or strenuous activities which is a shame since the other features that they have would’ve been great for exercising. 

Very Expensive. Compared to similar models from other brands, they’re definitely on a very steep price point. There are other pairs that have better features for the same – or even cheaper – price which means that you won’t be getting your value for money with this one.

With all the Pros and Cons that we mentioned, we can conclude that while the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are a good daily option, there are still some things they lack that may be non-negotiables for others. With their long battery life and good microphone quality, they’ll definitely hold up during important zoom meetings. They’re also ideal for long-haul flights as you can be confident they won’t die on you.

But, their hard to use controls and weak grip are bad for working out and other rigorous activities which is something those with active lifestyles should consider. This is because they cost around $150 which is definitely a big amount to drop. At this price, you would expect for your earbuds to hold up well in different environments which this pair just doesn’t do. 

All in all whether you decide to take the plunge with this pair or not, we hope that we were able to help you choose the best option for you. With this review, we hope to have helped you with your earbud hunting journey.