OnePlus Watch 2 Review: A Step In The Right Direction

OnePlus Watch 2 Review: A Step In The Right Direction
Quick Take: The OnePlus Watch 2 adds important upgrades and general improvements from its predecessor. With a relatively affordable price tag, OnePlus 2 is now a solid player in the mid-priced smartwatch category.

Jason Yang

Editor, Wearables


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Three years after the release of its predecessor, the OnePlus Watch 2 arrives with significant improvements and an intriguing dual-chip system that promises to revolutionize battery life in smartwatches. Priced at $300, this smartwatch blends high-quality materials with a sophisticated operating system tailored to enhance user experience. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes the OnePlus Watch 2 a noteworthy contender in the smartwatch market.

Design and Build Quality

The OnePlus Watch 2 sports a sleek circular design framed in stainless steel, available in black or silver finishes. It features a 1.4-inch AMOLED display protected by sapphire glass, ensuring durability and clarity. The design subtly echoes the aesthetic of OnePlus’s latest smartphones with its integration of the camera bump style into the side rail, although here it is adapted for the watch’s buttons—one circular and one rectangular.

Durability and Comfort

Durability is a key strength of the OnePlus Watch 2. It meets US military standards for resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, and shock. Additionally, it’s rated IP68 for dust and water resistance, making it robust enough for adventurous wearers. Despite its solid build, the watch remains comfortable for daily wear, even for extended periods, thanks to its lightweight design and interchangeable bands.

Revolutionary Battery Life

One of the standout features of the OnePlus Watch 2 is its battery life. OnePlus claims the watch can last 100 hours on a single charge in its default smart mode—far exceeding the typical 24-40 hours offered by competitors like the Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch. This extended battery life is achieved through a novel dual-chip strategy, which includes a high-powered Snapdragon W5 chip for complex tasks and a lower-power BES2700 chip for routine functions.

Smart Features and Performance

The OnePlus Watch 2 runs Wear OS 4 for its more demanding applications, while a simpler RTOS handles everyday tasks such as notifications, heart rate monitoring, and phone calls. This hybrid setup allows for efficient power management without sacrificing performance. The watch supports a variety of fitness tracking features, customizable watch faces, and has dual-frequency GPS for enhanced location accuracy.

Charging and Connectivity

Charging the OnePlus Watch 2 is swift and efficient; a full charge takes just an hour, with a quick 10-minute charge providing a full day’s power. It includes all the essential sensors expected in a high-end smartwatch, such as an optical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitor, and more. Connectivity options are robust, allowing for seamless interaction with your smartphone and other devices.

Who Should Buy the OnePlus Watch 2?

Tech Enthusiasts: The dual-chip system and the promise of extended battery life make the OnePlus Watch 2 ideal for those who appreciate innovative technology and extended usage without frequent recharges.

Active Users: With its military-grade durability and comprehensive health tracking, this watch is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and need a device that can keep up.

Style Conscious: If aesthetics and having a standout piece are your priority, the unique design and premium materials make the OnePlus Watch 2 a stylish choice that doesn’t sacrifice functionality.


The OnePlus Watch 2 marks a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering not just better functionality but also introducing features that could set new standards for the smartwatch industry. Its approach to battery management through a dual-chip system could particularly appeal to users frustrated by the frequent charges required by other smartwatches. With its robust build, stylish design, and a slew of features, the OnePlus Watch 2 is priced competitively at $300, making it a strong contender for anyone in the market for a new smartwatch.