Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz November 5, 2020 in Earbuds, Reviews, True Wireless Earbuds

With more and more brands joining the wireless earbuds craze, it’s very pleasant to see Sennheiser hop on the bandwagon. Being an established audio brand with a variety of products under their belt, – including home and TV audio, wired and wireless microphones, and headphones – it’s definitely exciting to see them show us what they’re capable of with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds 2.

The Momentum True Wireless 2 is the successor of the OG Momentum True Wireless earbuds that Sennheiser released a while back. That being said, we expect it to have more features and for it to ultimately perform better – to be able to justify its hefty price of $299.95 as well. Today, we are going to be looking at what exactly this pair is capable of and frankly – if it’s worth your money.

Starting off with the positives, here are the good things that we found out about this model. Read on for the Pros:


Compact. These earbuds are 2mm smaller than their predecessor which contributes a lot to their portability and to their lightweight feel. This makes them very comfortable to wear since they don’t feel heavy on the ears even if they do give you a tight and secure seal. This is definitely a pair you wouldn’t mind wearing for hours on end during long-haul flights or long daily commutes.

Great Design. The Momentum True Wireless 2 is a sight for sore eyes with its cloth-covered charging case which is a breath of fresh air compared to the scratchy plastic cases that most true wireless earbuds cases have. The earbuds themselves have a classic feel to them as well sporting a black body with a silver top that showcases Sennheiser’s logo. You’ll definitely feel cool strolling around wearing this pair.

Noise Cancellation Technology. This pair has active noise cancellation (ANC) technology which is pretty much a requirement for the modern wireless earbuds of today. Even though you do get passive noise cancellation from just the tight seal of this model, its ANC is still very effective at muffling ambient noise. This is great if you live in busier towns like New York City or if you’re someone who travels a lot for business or for leisure as this could potentially block out unnecessary sounds on planes.

Unfortunately, with the good things do indeed come the bad so we will be presenting to you now the negatives that we found about this pair. Here are the Cons you should keep in mind before taking the plunge with this one:


Poor Waterproofing. The Momentum True Wireless 2 is only IPX4-rated which is pretty inferior compared to other wireless earbuds in the market – some are even IPX7-rated which is very telling of the possibilities in the case of waterproofing. In saying this though, even if it can withstand some moisture or sweat, this makes it a poor choice for working out or going on runs since its durability may be affected in the future.

Falls Out Easily. Building up on it only being IPX4-rated, it has the tendency to fall out because of moisture which is definitely an inconvenience if you’re in the middle of a strenuous activity. Moreover, this means that it can fall out during rainy days which is a bit problematic if you’re someone who lives in or constantly travels to places with a wet climate. You would have to worry about these falling off and you possibly losing them.

Mediocre Battery Life. This pair is capable of seven hours of playtime with the charging case providing an extra three charges which totals to up to 21 hours of overall battery life. In saying this though, things like turning up your volume and using the ANC feature depletes your battery more and will result in you not likely maximizing the stated seven hours of playtime.

Overall, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds is a strong pair in the wireless earbuds market. Its different eye-catching design, compact form factor, and ANC makes it a very appealing pair for the modern individuals always on-the-go. It’s able to provide a tight seal and is such a portable pair that there’s no question about it being a great daily option for a lot of different consumers.

However, it comes with its fair share of Cons such as inferior waterproofing which makes it fall out easily and a battery life that leaves users wanting more. This means that those who live more active lifestyles or those who are based in places with wetter climates will likely be better off with another pair. Because while this is a good one to get, you should make sure that it will ultimately fit in with your lifestyle and with your non-negotiables. In saying that, we hope to have helped you with this review and with your earbud hunting journey in general.