Lypertek Tevi Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz November 7, 2020 in Earbuds, Reviews, True Wireless Earbuds

With loads of wireless earbuds to choose from, it feels as if we have seen every possible offering. But we are here to tell you that no – there’s more to come and more to explore. That is why today, we are going to be talking about Lypertek, an up and coming audio brand and their entry to the wireless earbuds scene – the Lypertek Tevi.

Now while we’ve seen and heard some great things about this pair, we wanted to see if what it says on paper holds up in reality. Since Lypertek is a fairly new name in the wireless earbuds market, we wanted to see for ourselves just what they’re capable of doing. Because even though they’re new to the world of Airpods, they seem to know their way around well with the features that the Tevi offers.

Going into our review proper, we’re going to be starting off with the positives that we saw for this pair. Here are the Pros that we found about the Lypertek Tevi.


Great Sound Quality. As most of you are probably wondering about the sound quality of this pair, frankly – it’s great. Sound is level and clear with a really neutral audio that fits whatever track you might want to listen to. They have almost the same audio quality as wired earphones do which is a big thumbs to this pair. If you’re someone who listens to a lot of different genres, this is a great option for you.

Amazing Battery Life. The Tevi claims to have 70 hours of battery life which is massive playtime compared to most pairs in the wireless earbuds market. It has 10 hours of real-world playtime which is pretty impressive in and of itself, but they take it one step further by making the charging case capable of holding six full charges! For a compact and lightweight pair, you definitely wouldn’t expect that much juice but they truly went above and beyond with this component.

Great Value for Money. With its great sound quality rivalling the more popular Sony buds and Airpods, you would expect the price of the Lypertek Tevi to be sky-high. They exceed our expectations once again though as they are budget-friendly currently retailing at $90 on Amazon. With their quality being comparable to the pairs released by established Audio brands like Sony, Bose, and Bang & Olufsen, their price point is truly a bargain for a pair of solid true wireless earbuds.

As we want to be as transparent as possible though, we are also going to be presenting the not-so good things we found out about this pair. In saying that, here are the Cons that we found for the Lypertek Tevi.


Plain Design. Like many other models in the wireless earbuds market, the Tevi comes in a plain non-descript dark gray and ivory that could have been designed better. There are too many pairs that look similar to it that it can easily be forgotten or set aside especially when looking through many pairs. If you’re someone who likes to make a statement or wants a unique looking pair, then this doesn’t do that for you. You would be better off with a more colorful Beats or Bose pair.

Uncomfortable Fit. Because of its built, this pair has the tendency to get quite uncomfortable. It’s an in-ear pair with a panel on the outside of the buds that’s controlled by a click or a physical button. That being said, it will be quite uncomfortable to control since you’d have to essentially push the buds further in your ear to get the command that you want. This can be especially bothersome on long-haul flights or long commutes since you’d definitely be experiencing some ear fatigue from this.

All in all, the Lypertek Tevi is an amazing daily option with its great sound quality and amazing battery life. It’s on par with the likes of Sony and Bose with a clear and neutral audio that’s actually similar to the sound of wired earbuds. Considering that these are a true wireless pair, that’s a pretty big deal. They also have amazing battery life, being capable of a total of 70 hours of playtime which means that this pair will essentially last you forever. Coupled with its affordable price, this is truly such a steal.

Some things to keep in mind about this pair though is its plain design that also leads to its uncomfortable fit which is something people who travel a lot or who can foresee themselves using this pair for hours on end should keep in mind. Even though it is pretty lightweight and compact, you would still get ear fatigue from pushing it further in your ears whenever you would have to use the physical buttons for controls.

Overall though, we recommend getting this pair especially if you’re looking for something affordable, durable, and portable. We hope you would like this pair as much as we did (should you decide to take the plunge), and we hope to have helped you with this review and with your earbud hunting journey in general. Happy listening!