SoundMagic TWS50 Review

By Bianca Dela Cruz May 9, 2022 in Earbuds, Reviews, True Wireless Earbuds

SoundMagic TWS50



  • Lightweight. Buds only weigh 4g apiece which makes them very comfortable to wear.
  • Tap Function. Utilizes tap function instead of physical buttons which means that you don't have to push them further in your ears while wearing them to be able to use the controls.
  • Unique Design. Design looks and functions differently from most true wireless earbuds in the market.
  • IPX7-Rated. Can be submerged in up to 1m of water for up to around half an hour.


  • Inferior Battery Life. Not as good battery life compared to those offered by their direct competitors.
  • Weak Microphone. Does not have any filtering features for calls which doesn't make it the best option in this category.
  • Sound Quality can be Improved. Issues with dynamic details and lower frequencies leave us wanting more.

With the Airpods hype not going anywhere anytime soon, more and more brands are attempting their entry to the market – making the wireless earbuds space very interesting and very diverse. Today, we’re going to be looking at a magical pair (pun intended!) with the SoundMagic TWS50. It’s a more affordable pair which is great for students and those on a budget – after all, we believe that great sound quality should be accessible to all. This is why now, we’re going to be reviewing this pair and ultimately finding out what it’s made of.

Even though SoundMagic is a fairly young brand (they haven’t reached their 20th birthday yet), they have loads of excellent products such as in-ear headphones and portable headphones under their belt which is very telling of their workmanship and ability to maneuver in the audio market. As we have seen in previous reviews (which you can check out here on our website under the Reviews category), brands that have been around the audio industry for a while tend to produce pretty decent true wireless pairs. Rest assured though that we will be as transparent as possible to make sure that you will be able to get the perfect pair for you.

Starting off with the good things that we found out about this pair, here are the Pros that we saw for the SoundMagic TWS50.


Lightweight. The buds themselves weigh only 4g apiece which makes them beautifully light. This means that they sit very comfortably in your ears and they feature a tap function as well instead of a physical button so you wouldn’t need to be pushing them further in for you to control – pause, play, or skip – what you’re listening to. This makes them a great daily option as you will not likely experience ear fatigue no matter how long you wear these for.

Unique Design. This pair definitely does not look like any other in the market – both in terms of the charging case and the buds themselves. The buds are teardrop-shaped with an interesting top – it almost looks like a fingerprint is engraved on them. In saying that, they’re compact and small so they don’t stick out from your ears which is great for those who want a lowkey pair. Additionally, the charging case is also very interesting – not at all like the traditional flip-top/flip-open top style that most models have. To open it, you would have to hold the bottom and rotate the top like you’re opening a water bottle which makes for a very secure carrying case for the buds. If you ever drop your pair, the buds will surely be secured inside and won’t go flying out.

IPX7-Rated. The SoundMagic TWS50 is IPX7-rated which is a pretty big deal since it means that it can be submerged in up to 1m of water for around half an hour without it getting damaged. This means that it’s a great pair for working out and travelling since you wouldn’t have to worry about it deteriorating when exposed to sweat or really rainy weather.

Now with all those great features that we mentioned above, we’re going to stay true to our promise of transparency and also lay out the not-so-good things that we encountered with this pair. Read on for the Cons of the SoundMagic TWS50.


Inferior Battery Life. While the battery life that this pair offers isn’t that bad, – for reference, SoundMagic offers 30 hours for this model – it’s not as good as their direct competitors and not as amazing as it sounds in real life. It offers 6-7 hours of playtime before needing to be charged in the case which is pretty standard but not amazing which leaves us definitely wanting more.

Weak Microphone. This pair is not good at all for calls with a weak microphone that is not able to filter out background noise nor have any advanced features that make taking calls a smooth process. In a time wherein online meetings are becoming more and more prevalent, this is a letdown and is something to keep in mind should you foresee yourself using this pair for this purpose a lot.

Sound Quality can be Improved. Since sound quality should be the star of any pair, we’re sad to see this aspect end up in our Cons list. While the sound quality of this pair isn’t awful at all, it has issues with dynamic details and lower frequencies so audiophiles should keep that in mind. There’s no way to customize EQ as well with no app to accompany these earbuds.

Overall, the SoundMagic TWS50 is a great daily option for those who intend to use this for light listening. It’s unique, lightweight, and durable which is everything we can ask for for true wireless earbuds. It’s great for working out and it’s a refreshing sight against the basic designed pairs we see so much in the market. You likely won’t suffer any ear fatigue at all with its lightweight form factor, making it a breeze to bring and use anywhere.

But in saying that, we did find some Cons for you to look into before taking the plunge with this pair. Its inferior battery life and sound quality plus weak microphone are something those with busier lifestyles should consider if this is their intended purpose for this pair.

All things considered, we hope to have helped you with your decision with this review. We wish you the best with your earbud hunting journey and we wish you a happy listening.