Sonitrek Go XL Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Loud, Portable, And Just Plain Fun Wireless Speaker

By Christopher Janson March 5, 2022 in Reviews, Speakers

Sonitrek Go XL Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Quality 9.5
Durability 9.0
Bass 8.5
Battery Life 8.0
Overall Value 9.5


  • Easy to pair and use, the Go XL simply works.
  • Totally waterproof and dirt proof. Nothing can stop it.
  • Excellent sound and bass for the money.


  • Battery life is good but not great.
  • Party mode limited to 2 speakers, why not more?
  • An EQ app for fine tuning would be nice.

Sonitrek have created an outstanding waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is genuinely fun to use. It sounds great, is well made, comes in fun colours, and won’t break the bank. What more can you want?

Sonitrek claim to go where other Bluetooth speakers can’t. To this we say: Challenge accepted. We reviewed their flagship speaker the Go XL in a variety of conditions over the course of a week, opting for the appropriate Green Camo and Beatbox Red colours from Mifo, an Australian electronics shop.

Where to purchase the Sonitrek Go XL

The Go XL ships in modest and minimal packaging, and comes with a USB-C charging cable as well as an instruction manual. Not that a manual is needed, because the speaker offers basic functions. And that’s what Sonitrek seem to be best at, delivering a ton of value and avoiding distracting features you may not need.

Pairing the Sonitrek Go XL speaker is simple and works as expected. Turn on by pressing the power button, and connect with your desired Bluetooth device. Voice prompts are in a pleasant Aussie voice, which I appreciate being one myself.

Even in outdoor conditions, the sound quality is excellent. Highs and mids are clear and free of distortion, while bass is deep and rich. Listening indoors sounds equally good, with clear sound even at higher volumes. One note: When listening to audio books or podcasts, deeper voices can sound a bit washed out due to bass effect.

The battery life is consistent with other Bluetooth speakers of similar size and shape from brands like JBL and Ultimate Ears. In our testing we got about 8 hours of use at a low to mid volume range. Cranking it up to the max reduced battery life to 6 hours, which is somewhat disappointing, if not expected given the volume level.

When party mode is enabled, two speakers sync up for double the output. It’s a fun feature that works by pressing the pairing button on both speakers. You can crank up the dual speaker volume to raucous levels for larger gatherings.

Waterproofing is excellent, and the Go XL was able to handle just about anything we could throw at it including tossing it into the ocean.

The speaker can be controlled remotely with a connected device, but also features large easy to press buttons that feel rugged and durable. The plus and minus sigs adjust volume, and the other smaller buttons provide pairing, pause, and power.

Overall, the Sonitrek Go XL performs admirably with a few very minor opportunities for improvement. Given the price, it’s an excellent value and one we can wholeheartedly endorse.