Ekko One Pro Edition Percussion Therapy Sports Massager Review

Ekko One Pro Edition Percussion Therapy Sports Massager Review

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A well made and affordable pre and post workout solution that stands out in a sea of cheaply made junk

At Gigabeat, we have a love hate relationship with massage guns. One the one hand, they are great at relieving tension and stimulating muscle recovery after working out. On the other, the manufacturing world has caught on to the trend and markets are now stuffed full of cheaply made junk.

So we were pleasantly surprised to review the Ekko One, which seems to keep the majority of the power and features we love in top flight massage gun brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

Where to buy the Ekko One massage gun

Is the Ekko One the best massage gun on the market today?

Certainly for the price point, yes. You won’t find a better product until you reach the $300 and over range when brands like Theragun dominate the space. That said, we prefer Ekko to brands like Hyperice, which also come in at a high price point. Ekko fills the gap between pro athlete solution and everyday home use and should be the right choice for most people.

Note: There are a number of resources including video reviews of the Ekko One available and are worth checking out to get a closer look at the product.